saaaaaaarah (irunandhide) wrote in fatties4life,

roll call!

last call, whos coming to the city wed!? we need to work out details (train times & rides.)
1. i am DEFINITLY going, i got the day off.
2. kristen, ray & x say they are definitly in.
3. the only two i'm iffy about is becca (but you said you'll prolly be able to go. just let us know. and you can get on in the st james station if you want, and meet us in the train.) and cassie i'm seriously gonna throw you out a window if you don't go!!!

just leave a comment everyone.
<3 sarah

ps- in case you don't know, train fees will prolly be about $15-20 & we can get our fun pass for the subway (unlimited rides all day) for 7 bucks. holla at me shawtys.
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